Nymfaya Redflare (nymfayaredflare) wrote in roswell_love,
Nymfaya Redflare

Signal searching for receiver

Hello all,

I just wanted to test the waters of this community. I'm fairly new to live journal and have been tracking down loyal members of all my favorite fandoms. Only problem with that....most of my favorite shows are no longer on air and haven't been for a few years. I'm talking Roswell, Buffy, Hex ......Alien Nation, so on and so forth. I still love Roswell so much, I follow the careers of all the actors and follow them on twitter (those that legitimately participate...there was a fake B. Fehr account...) 

Anyhow, I hope to see more future posts in this community and I certainly look forward to contributing some myself. In fact, last night I received divine inspiration from the Pandora radio gods. I was gifted with a John Mayer song that completely encompasses the angsty, troubled, on-again/off-again vibe of Michael and Maria. So, I'm hoping to write that fic soon and I would love to post it here.


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